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Neela Series contains three types of sanitary napkins as Neela Wings Pads, Neela Belt ware, Neela Maxy.

Neela Plus

Neela Plus basically for regular to heavy flow. The upper layer is made of soft cotton.


Queen series specially has two sanitary napkins are best for ultra-thin lovers.

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If you don’t recognize your napkin type, you’re still in dark, and blur in the world of period hygiene. Knowing your napkin is the first part of your ultimate comfort and the first victory toward winning the period war. Wrong sanitary napkin can lead you to unhealthy period health. Feel free to contact us to get help to know the type of your required napkin.


Below are the some of reviews of our Sanitary Napkins.

I never used sanitary napkin before I got introduce to Neela Sanitary Napkin. I always had a phobia that whether the napkins available in market are safe or not. But I found Neela Plus is really comfortable because of its soft cotton upper layer. Now I don’t rely on cotton cloths anymore.

Afia Ibnet Prova

Digital Marketer

Using the napkins available in Bangladesh was really disappointing. Most of them are expensive, yet not impressive. Later I found Queen Plus. O my holy God!! It’s really amazing. It feels as if I’m wearing nothing. The cotton pad is so thin, soft, and comfortable. To be honest, I’m love with it.


Junior Accountant

All I can say that, it doesn’t feel like that typical Deshi napkin at all. It brightens my gloomy days. Previously, period was such a big pain in my ass. Now, I’ve my painkiller. (Blink)


Sanjida Riddhi

Marketing Officer

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