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No doubt, Bangladesh is a well-developed country. Girls also do have choice regarding napkin. In a statistics, we saw majority aren’t so satisfied with their chosen napkin. Most of the napkins are expensive, yet not impressive_ which made a lot of girls unwilling to choose napkins. We tried to bring a change here. All of our materials are imported internationally and we make the napkins without any touch of hands. We use hi-technology machines to provide the best sanitary napkins out of the town.

Our Company

We formed in 2016. Initially we started our journey by manufacturing products for clients, and later decided to manufacture our own sanitary napkins to provide our woman a safe and hygienic period experience.  

Our moto isn’t only business here, but also ensuring the best napkins experience during period. We use the materials highly safe of waring and providing comfort, which easily turns women’s gloomy days into bright one. We kept all the women’s choices and creates the variant as wings, belt ware, and night ware. From regular to heavy flow, our napkins gonna protect your days without occurring any leakage. Not only quality, but also anyone can afford the comfort of Neela and Queen.

Our Team

Mr. Dai Wang, a Chinese entrepreneur first took the initiative of making napkins for Bangladeshi women. Later Md. Golam Azam lighted the candle to brighten idea of giving the girls amazing experience during period days.

Dai Wang


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